Simba was born on 05.01.2020 in the Russian kennel "Aries Khan" with Anna Vavilova and Olga Arhipova. He grew up in the countryside near Moscow with his 8 siblings, mom Na'Vi and half-sister Pandora.
In this litter were born 5 males (2 livernose) and 4 females (1 livernose), 6 puppies were correct, 3 are ridgeless.
It was a long way until we could hold Simba in our arms in Germany. On the one hand dogs can only be imported to Germany after the 16th week, on the other hand we were at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, the borders were closed, flights were cancelled and we did not know when it will be possible to bring Simba to Germany. Many weeks passed during which Simba's breeder and we considered all serious options until we were finally able to fly him to Frankfurt with the help of a great agency and Lufthansa Cargo. On May 15, 2020 Anna called us to tell us: We did it, I personally put Simba on the plane, he is finally on his way to you. We made our way to the airport around 17h where we had to organize the complete bureaucratic registration, customs clearance, official veterinary certificates etc. due to the pandemic. At 23:31h the big gate finally opened and Simba came rolling towards us in his huge transport box. Only a few moments later he got out of his box, was happy about all the other dogs on the parking lot, a sausage and then drove on our laps into his new life with his new friend Sammy. 
Simba has since lived with Meike & Stephan and their sons Dustin and Leon in a rural setting on an agricultural farm with many horses.
Simba is a very friendly male who gets along well with everyone and does not seek confrontation. He likes to cuddle and is always looking for closeness to his humans. He is breed-typical reserved towards strangers and watchful on his property. Simba has great joy when we take him to the racetrack where he has also participated in competitions and otherwise often accompanies us with the horses when riding where he has learned a lot from Sammy in dealing with the horses.
Simba is presented from time to time on national and international dog shows in Germany and abroad and besides his conformation & interior his pedigree is surely an interesting and rare addition in the breeding of Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Germany and Western Europe. 
His ancestors come from Russia, Israel, USA, Australia, Netherlands and South Africa but also dogs from Slovakia, England and Norway can be found. 

Aries Khan Ran Rockwell Kent