About Max, Simba father Anna says: 

Max is the typical ridgeback male: as the father of the family, he is gentle, caring and affectionate with all his own cirle - people and dogs. As the defender is indifferent to strangers in quiet situation, but at the slightest threat, he turns on the defense and immediately indicates that it's better don't touch him and his family. He perfectly keeps pressure from strangers, but if one of his people tells him that everything is Ok, he immediately calms down and loses interest in the stranger. Max lives with simbas brother close to Moscow.
Very smart, inventive and communicative. He is excellent working dog, both in hunting and coursing, which is still confirmed by many certificates and victories.
About Na`Vi, Simbas mother Anna says: 

Navi is typical ridgeback bitch. Clever, crafty and very artistic. She lives in house together with two children, and she appeared in this house when children were already 2 years old. Also in house there are smaller dog breeds and cats. She proved to be an excellent nanny and protector. With strangers she is indifferently strict.
Navi is an excellent working and hunting dog, she is very brave in work both on an animal and on a waterfowl. Navi is also an excellent apporter and swimmer.

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